The team behind Unpacked

Noam Weissman, Executive Vice President

Jewish educator, with a background in educational psychology, strange obsession with producing curricula, comparing the best kosher pizzas out there (yes, there are some) and ensuring there is always a dip next to his food, and of course, using the word “nuanced.” Noam ran a high school, founded a curriculum company, is the head of OpenDor Media’s content, but is most proud of his mediocre high school basketball career. And, of course he loves his family.

Sara Himeles, Editor in Chief

Sara is editor in chief at Unpacked where she directs the website’s content and collaborates with writers from around the Jewish world. Prior to this, she worked for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and has a diverse background in writing and editing for U.S. politicians, fashion magazines and tech startups. She is passionate about everything at the intersection of Jewish identity, inspiring content and Gen Z.

Alma Cohen, Head of Social Media

Before wielding every skill across digital media, Alma was an academic researcher studying love, loss and life in between. At Unpacked, she leads the social media team, channels, content and communities. She shares her life between cultures and continents, and her happy place has no wifi.


Rivky Stern, Head of Podcasts

Rivky spends her days listening to podcasts, thinking about podcasts, writing about podcasts, and discussing podcasts. When her phone is finally taken away from her, she enjoys hitting her Fitbit step goals, making elaborate breakfasts, and scrolling through the AITA Reddit forum.

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Jeff Handel, Head of Video

Jeff is an award-winning filmmaker with over 15 years of experience producing content ranging from commercials and documentaries to feature films exhibited at Sundance & Tribeca. When he isn’t crafting his next story to tell, he spends his free time mastering the art of fermentation (kvass, sauerkraut, kombucha, you name it). He is incredibly excited to continue building the vision of Israel and Jewish edu-tainment at Unpacked.


Baruch Goldberg, Video Editor

Baruch began his career in theater, in a circle of idealistic dreamers looking to make the world a better place (and have some fun). He’s worked on most of Open Dor Media’s documentaries, and prior to that helped an artist create a family of plush characters designed to empower children. Baruch arrived in Israel many years ago for a brief visit following a detour through Syria and Jordan. And he’s still there.

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